Welcome to GV2

The Graphics Vision and Visualisation group (GV2) at Trinity College Dublin (TCD) is an internationally active research group dedicated to carrying out innovative research in computer graphics, computer vision and all aspects of visual computing.

Our main areas of research include:

  • Image, Video and Audio Processing & Analysis
  • Perception & Graphics
  • Real-time Rendering & Animation
  • Custom and Multi-core Hardware Architectures
  • Computer Vision & Augmented Reality

GV2 are co-ordinators of the EU FP7 projects VERVE - "Vanquishing fear and Apathy Through e-inclusion: Personalised and populated virtual environments for clinical, home and mobile platforms" and GRAISearch - "Use of Graphics Rendering and Artificial Intelligence for Improved Mobile Search Capabilities". In addition, since 2006 we have been successful in obtaining over EUR 5M funding from Science Foundation Ireland and Enterprise Ireland for several major research projects. Previous and current members have been succesful in establishing industry companies such as Surewash, Haptica and Havok. The group currently has over 40 members (including 10 full time academic staff + PhD students and Postdocs) and regularly publishes papers in leading international journals and conferences.


News Stories

Irish Machine Vision and Image Processing Conference 2015
Posted on 2015 Apr 27 by admin

GV2 will be hosting the Irish Machine Vision and Image Processing Conference 2015. The conference will be held at Trinity College Dublin from 26 - 28th August, 2015. The conference chairs will be Rozenn Dahyot, Gerard Lacey and Ken Dawson Howe (from GV2) and Francois Pitie (from the SIGMEDIA group, TCD).

For more details see: https://www.scss.tcd.ie/conferences/IMVIP2015/index.html

PhD's and Postdocs Wanted
Posted on 2014 Jun 13 by admin

Several PhD and postdocs positions are opening up in GV2 starting September 1st due to a number of newly funded projects. Please email gv2-info AT scss.tcd.ie.

Career Development Award for Rachel McDonnell
Posted on 2014 Aug 11 by admin

Congratulations to Rachel McDonnell of GV2 for being awarded a 2014 Career Development Award (CDA) from Science Foundation Ireland for her project, Game Face: Perceptually Optimised Real-Time Facial Animation. More details: https://www.tcd.ie/news_events/articles/five-trinity-researchers-win-starting-investigator-or-development-awards/4835#.U-joDYBdWnI

ARTIVVIS: Real-time Time-variant Volume Visualisation project funded by SFI
Posted on 2014 May 08 by admin

John Dingliana and Michael Manzke of GV2 are PI's of a new project funded by the SFI Investigators Programme 2013. The project will start in September 2014 and will combine elements of perceptually adaptive graphics and high performance graphics computing to provide novel solutions for visualisation of highly complex volumetric data sets.

Press release on the SFI Investigators programme: [SFI] [Irish Times]

"Look Me In The Eyes" - STAR at Eurographics 2014
Posted on 2014 Mar 18 by admin

Congratulations to Kerstin Ruhland and Rachel McDonnell of GV2 and their co-authors for a State of the Art Report accepted to Eurographics 2014. The report, which is titled "Look Me in The Eyes", deals with the state of the art in eye movement and appearance in computer graphics.

Motion in Games event covered in the Irish Times
Posted on 2013 Nov 19 by admin

The recent Motion in Games conference hosted by GV2 is covered in a recent article in the Irish Times. More details HERE.

GV2 to host Motion in Games Conference 2013
Posted on 2013 Jul 12 by admin

GV2 are hosting the 6th International Conference on Motion in Games 2013. The conference chair is Dr. Rachel McDonnell and the event will be held from 7th - 9th November, 2013 at TCD.

Premiere of Terry Pratchett's "The Duel" produced in collaboration with GV2
Posted on 2013 Oct 22 by admin

A new CG-animated short set in the “Unseen University” of fantasy author Sir Terry Pratchett’s Discworld made its world premiere on 16th October at a special screening at the Science Gallery in Trinity College Dublin. The Duel was produced by the Animation Hub, a collaboration between the Irish School of Animation at Ballyfermot College of Further Education, Giant Animation Studios and GV2.

Read more
GV2 Paper Accepted to SIGGRAPH ASIA 2013
Posted on 2013 Oct 03 by admin

Congratulations to GV2 members, Ludovic, Kenneth, Katja and Carol and their co-authors who have a paper accepted to this years SIGGRAPH ASIA 2103 Conference. The paper is titled "Evaluating the Distinctiveness and Attractiveness of Human Motions on Realistic Virtual Bodies" and the authors are Ludovic Hoyet, Kenneth Ryall, Katja Zibrek, Hwangpil Park, Jehee Lee, Jessica Hodgins and Carol O'Sullivan.

Welcome to new staff members
Posted on 2013 Oct 01 by admin

Dr. Mukta Prasad (previously from ETH Zurich) is joining us as the new Assistant Professor in Creative Technologies-Computer Vision. In addition two new PhD students (so far) have joined the group: Mairead Grogan (supervised by Rozenn Dahyot) and Timothy Costigan (supervised by Rachel McDonnell). Both recently completed the MSc in Computer Science (Interactive Entertainment Technology) program here at TCD. Finally, a 6-month visiting PhD Student, Simon Colreavy-Donnelly from NUIG will be joining us to work with John Dingliana.

GV2 Paper at Siggraph 2013
Posted on 2013 Jul 12 by admin

Congratulations to GV2 members Michael Doyle, Colin Fowler and Michael Manzke who have a paper accepted at the upcoming ACM SIGGRAPH 2013 conference, which is the premier conference for computer graphics research. The  title of the paper is "A Hardware Unit for Fast SAH-optimised BVH Construction". 

GV2 hosted the Symposium on Applied Perception 2013
Posted on 2013 Jul 12 by admin

saplogoSAP 2013, the Symposium on Applied Perception was held at Trinity College Dublin from 22-23rd August, 2013. Conference chairs were Ludovic Hoyet of GV2 and Betsy Williams of Rhodes College. Congratulations for a well organised event with a lot of very good papers and invited talks.

Further Details at: SAP 2013 webpage

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